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170205 My Little Red Dot 2017 (5 Feb)

Venue:49 Jalan Pemimpin Date:12 February 2017 Time:12pm to 4pm

Purely Adoptions is proud to announce that we had a successful event with My Little Red Dot by Edmund Chen 陈之财.

The objective of this event was to bring awareness to the public with regards to dogs that need our help. While we pamper our own pets, there are many stray dogs out there in the forested and industrial areas that need our help. Our team spent many hours planning and preparing for the events and we are blessed with a team of supportive pet owners, without any of whom the event would have paled in comparison.

We would like to thank one of our sponsors of the event, Howlistic Life, for providing the top prize valued at $308. Special mention to Adeline Kwong for liaising with her groomer, Lene from Groomers' Art to support our event. She also got Mapollo Catering to provide food for our guests as well as invited StarPets Hub for the exclusive doggie tag. Also, thank you Kelly Bamji Lee for contacting her Shi fu and friends from Numerology to support her for the event. We are really appreciative of Kelly's tenant, Wine Studio, for the sponsoring of 6 bottles of Spanish wine as well as Destination Courier Services Pte Ltd for the colour pencils. Stella sponsored 10 cushions from Noel & Whisky Animal Theme Products as well as contacted our adopters, fosterers and stray feeder Mei Mei to support the event. Special thanks to our guests and friends who have taken valuable time to support our event. We also like to thank our Event Photographer Marina Aarts for taking her precious time to take pictures for this event. All proceeds from the event will be used to the benefit of the stray dogs, in which we will purchase food, sterilization and medication for them as well as cover their medical fees.

Lastly, Purely Adoptions would like to congratulate Jennifer Chew for the Best Colored drawing with My Little Red Dot. We will be presenting Jennifer Chew a bottle of Spanish wine. Thank you for your beautifully coloured painting.

My Little Red Dot Volume 1 and Volume 2 will be sold at the coming Nee Soon GRC Pets Fiesta on 5 Mar 2017. For more information, do join us on 5 Mar 2017 for the Pets Fiesta!

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